#2.4: YouTube, Lettering & Logos with Will Paterson

February 4, 2018

Can sharing tips and tutorials on YouTube attract logo design clients? Yes. In this weeks podcast Ian Paget chats with Will Paterson who has been able to just that.

We learn how Will started his YouTube channel, the tools and software used, and how he’s able to manage his time to create consistent content, whilst also taking on client design projects too. We also deep dive into his logo design and hand lettering process.

Will Paterson is a well-known logo designer and hand lettering artist specialising in logotype design. He’s best know for his YouTube channel, where he shares weekly tips and advice for designers, which has grown to a following of over 234,000 subscribers.

Show notes for this episode can be found here: https://logogeek.uk/podcast/youtube-lettering-logos/

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