#2.3: Learn by Studying Design Masters with Melinda Livsey

January 27, 2018

Have you ever analysed a logo design in detail so that you can really understand why design decisions were made? What if you did that with logo designs from graphic design masters, such as Paul Rand? What could you learn by doing so?.

This week Ian Paget chats with Melinda Livsey to find out why she started to study logo designs from the masters and what she’s learned. We also discuss her logo design process and how she’s been able to reduce the time spent on projects by half, whilst increasing her prices too simply by implementing core strategy sessions as part of her design services. Melinda is the founder and Creative Director of her own branding agency, Marks & Maker.

Show notes can be found here: https://logogeek.uk/podcast/studying-design-masters/ 

Books & resources mentioned include:

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